Thursday, February 19, 2015

Beyond the Horizon

Free People turtle neck pull over | Lululemon wunder yoga pant | Eurotard leg warmers | UGG Australia classic short boot | The North Face gloves | Zara beanie | Photos by: Tina Clara

Happy Lunar New Year! It is the Year of the Sheep. If this is your year, I’ve got baaaaaaah-d news for you. Just kidding!:) I was told growing up that if it’s your year, it’s when big things happen. So if something bad happens it will be bad in a big way and if something good happens, it will be good in a big way. So basically you should really wear the color red in your daily wardrobe and hope for the best. Red thongs anyone? lol.

All kidding aside, your future is what you make of it. Send positive energy out into the world and whatever the outcome may be, even if negative, you can change it for the better. If you keep sending out negative vibes, that is what you will get in return. It’s the law of attraction. You attract what you give out. So no negativity! Stay positive.

Something beautiful is on the horizon. Keep on going! xx jt

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