Saturday, October 24, 2015

Wild Child

Free People "After the Storm" shirtdress | Z&L Europe white dress (similar here and here) | Free People "Joe" lace up boots | Urban Outfitter over-the-knee socks | Jewelries: Flash Tattoos (Child of Wild or Sofia feathers), Lili Claspe "Horn" choker, Lili Claspe "Ellie" choker, Lillianna Jewelry, Pura Vida Bracelets (use discount code: JUTING10 for additional 10% off), Stacy Sterling Jewelry | Photos by: Tina Clara

When you’re out in the Mojave desert, you have to plan on the drastic weather changes. So for the RiSE lantern festival, I opt for a white dress under a long gorgeous shirtdress that can be doubled as a duster coat. I knew it was going to be hot during the day and cold at night. When traveling light and not planning on bringing too much to a venue, it helps to wear layers. This shirtdress that I wore as a duster coat flutters in the wind, flows when you walk and flares out when you spin. I paired the outfit with some lace up boots. Accessorized in various gold necklaces and flash tattoos to complete the festival look as a desert Wild Child.

Growing up, my parents always told me “you’re a little wild”…and for the most part I couldn’t sit still. And I still can’t. Yoga is probably the only thing that keeps me still, albeit for one hour. lol. They say you need to be a little more ladylike! Booooring. I did try to a certain degree, but that innate tomboyish personality will always shine through because it simply can’t be buried. You just got to let it be. You live your own life, not what your parents perceive or dictate how you should live. As long as you’re happy that’s all that matters. Live the real you.

So my dear sweet child….stay young, stay wild. xx jt

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Together we RiSE 2015

RiSE Lantern Festival | Photos by: Chris Caparro, Erik Borzi Photography, Karen Herndon, Susanna Musotto and my iPhone :)

This post is dedicated to the people (yes, you!) of my past, present and future. In life you go through many friends, lovers, acquaintances, etc. Some are meant to only be in your life for a certain period of time to teach you a lesson, some just passing through, and some are here to stay. Just because when one is no longer in your life doesn’t mean that you’re not affected. We are all connected in ways that every one person you meet is meant to happen for a reason. And for those who are no longer in my life, but yet you take the time to read this. I’m glad you are, because I just want to say thank you for making me who I am today.

Last year, I had the most incredible experience from the RiSE Lantern Festival so it’s no surprise that I’m back again. And this time around with an amazing group of friends. This year, due to the wind, there were many lantern fails. When I say lantern fails, I mean fire hazards such as hair getting singed via Michael Jackson style. Lanterns that burned through the paper and simply didn’t lift up. These lanterns symbolized dreams, hopes and wishes, and you can only imagine how devastating it is for those whose lanterns did not rise. What moved me was the fact that as a community, we see people - complete strangers - helping each other. That simple act of kindness is helping with the lanterns that needed a little extra push. We rise by lifting others. When your intentions are good, life has a way of working out. One thing we all learned from this experience, is the fact that life is full of failures. And it will take many fails along the way to succeed. If you’re lucky enough to surround yourself with good people, you will always have the help and support.

We released our final lantern, sending our wish out that people in this world can be just a little more kind to themselves and to others. Stop the bullying and the negativity. You have one life to life so why not live it positively and fully? Do your best to surround yourself with good people. And if they are bad? Well, even better, kill them with kindness. :)

So on that note, I’d like to end this post with a quote I love….

“Be kind to one another.” - Ellen

xx jt

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