Friday, January 23, 2015

Check it!

Kaitlyn Clothing buffalo check coat | Hollister top | Lululemon Wunder Pant | Zara beanie | The North Face gloves | Eurotard leg warmers | UGG Australia classic short boot | Photos by: Tina Clara

You’re probably thinking, snow again?? Well bare with me, the next few posts will be all with snow. Not just any snow...but pretty snow. This was taken at the Glen Canyon Dam near Page, Arizona.

A friend once told me I’m a ‘spaz’. I recently looked it up and according to urban dictionary it means: “a person that acts insane or mentally retarded”....hmmm...I object Your Honor! LOL! I would like to use the word energetic. Sounds much better:) So being the ‘energetic’ person that I am, I like to have a little fun where ever I go. Life is too short to spaz out over being called a spaz. Ha.

Apparently my friend is a spaz too. So alls well that ends well:) xo jt

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