Monday, May 12, 2014

Flower Fields

Rag and Bone denim vest | Millau cami dress | Matt Bernson wedges | Céline box bag and Céline sunglasses | Vanessa Mooney necklaces | Bracelets: Vitafede, Coordinates Collection, Stacy Sterling Jewelry, Social Butterflies LA by Michelle Roy | Rings: Ariella Collection, Urban Outfitters | Photos by: Tina Clara

Nothing beats the simplicity in what nature has to offer. The earth laughs in flowers!

Have you ever had the fantasy of running through a flower field in a pretty dress? I think most girls at some point in their lives do. It’s the age of innocence. Girls adorned with little flowers in their long hair, long flowy dresses and aimlessly wandering about in a field of flowers. I find it magical, ethereal, and almost haunting. I’ve always wanted to be that. Well I did just that. Albeit everything shortened LOL. My hair is short, dress is short, and certainly no flowers in my hair, but it didn’t matter because you can’t help but feel wild and carefree when you’re surrounded by this endless sea of vibrant colors. It truly is magical! I’m fortunate enough to make it in on the last day of the flower viewing before it’s closed for the season. If you’ve never been to The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, you should go. Next season that is. But in the meantime take a little time to see what’s already around you because natural beauty is everywhere.

May flowers bloom in all corners of your world. xx

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