Friday, April 4, 2014

Springtime Flower Mart

BP denim jacket (similar here and here), H&M turtleneck (similar here and here), Helmut Lang skirt (similar here and here), Tory Burch flats, Zara nude heels, Louis Vuitton bag, Karfil panama hat, Michael Kors watch, Urban Outfitters rings, Photos by: Tina Clara

It’s Spring! You know what that means? Flowers!!

I’ve always had this fantasy of running through a flower field, completely wild and carefree. I think I may have to make this fantasy come true very soon. Hint,’s on the top of the list on my blogging agenda! But in the meantime, what more fitting than to make a trip to the local flower mart to get some amazing selection in flowers for a great price. There is nothing better than coming home to a room full of beautiful blooming flowers. When you surround yourself with such natural beauty you can’t help but feel good.

On this lovely trip to the flower mart, I went from comfortable nice casual to something a little more upscale to lunch & dinner without having to go home for an wardrobe change. Depending on where I go, I always try to plan ahead. It was the most simple thing as to taking off my denim jacket and switching out my flats to a pair of heels. And voila! I feel fancy! I always have a pair of flats & heels in my car just for days like this. Flats to rest the poor soles, and heels to spice things up. It’s also very convenient to have a daytime tote bag that you can throw everything in. Apparently big enough for all my flowers! I don’t know about you, but I love dressing up for an occasion. I love dressing up for life! When you look good, you will feel good. And when you feel good, you will feel happy. And that energy will rub off on other people. There’s nothing quite like the feeling when you can brighten up someone else’s day by being the best you can be...even with a simple happy smile and a hello. It’s all about the positive energy. Smiling is infectious. So spread it around. :) xx

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