Monday, February 17, 2014

Flirty in Fuchsia

Zara blazer and floral short, Lush blouse, Guess by Marciano wedge platforms (similar here), YSL clutch, Bellomina angel wings necklace, CĂ©line sunglasses

Oh, Valentine’s Day. That dreaded day for the singles..and the oh so crazy expensive hallmark holiday for the couples. Why does Valentine’s Day have to be a competition of who gets the most extravagant bouquet and gifts? I think sometimes it’s the most subtle things that your partner does that makes it special. And it does not have to be expressed solely on this particular day...which is ridiculously expensive. I feel everyday should be a celebration of love. The love of life.

How was your Valentine’s Day? Me? I was shooting a commercial, so I didn’t get to do anything in particular (saved money yippeee!). I was originally planning on having a sushi dinner at my fave Sushi Gen (best sushi in town!) in Little Tokyo with a friend but I didn’t camera wrap in time. I spent my Valentine’s evening on set having a 2nd dinner meal which consisted of catered chinese food with my fellow actors and assistant director. We even toasted each other with water bottles. How romantic! lol. Whether single, in a relationship, happily married (or not) or ‘it’s complicated’ like me, I certainly hope you took the time to really love yourself. Loving yourself in the sense of taking the time to do something special just for yourself. Could be anything from taking a romantic bubble bath, eating that decadent dessert you’ve been craving, embarking on a beautiful solo hike...or simply to just doll yourself up and look pretty. Have some “me” time. Nurture this self love, because one must learn to love oneself before loving another.

So in honor of this lovey dovey day, I opted for some pop of colors in my ensemble. A fuchsia hot pink blazer with yellow lace blouse, paired with cute floral shorts. Cute and flirty. Just the way I like it. xx

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