Monday, November 18, 2013

Hello. My name is Juting

I’m very excited to start this blog as I have been wanting to for quite some time. I present to you my first official fashion post with a cute style, inspired by my new haircut. Hope you enjoy.

Urban Outfitters sweater and socks, Kaitlyn shorts, Forever 21 boots, Marc Jacobs bag, Zara beanie

I consider myself a smart shopper. I’m that Asian who will always ask for a discount wherever I go & still do (much to my friends’ chagrin) Oh the horror & the embarrassment I see on their faces, I have no shame! What can I say? That’s my personality. I love putting together looks with affordable budget, so it does me proud when someone thinks otherwise. I’ve always enjoyed playing ‘dress-up’ and this is a great opportunity to share it with you. I look forward to it. Thanks for joining me on this journey. Feel free to comment! I would love to know what you think. xx

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